Electricity DC-2A-6A
Voltage AC100-240V / 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption Max 80w
Electrical Cord 5 feet – 3 prong plug
ORP Level +500 Mv to -400 Mv
Fuse Protected
4 Amp
Dimensions (W x H x D) 250mm x 330mm x 155mm
Filter Capacity 10,000 litres
Chlorine Removal < 0.0001ppm (99.9999%)
Water Temperature
39°F to 98°F (4°C to 39°C)
Weight 4.6 kg
Minimum Flow Rate Minimum 1.2L / Minute
PH Range PH 2.5 to PH 11.7

Installation Charges Extra




We are first in India to launch the highly advanced worldwide patented MLRD (USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Australia & Malaysia) 4th generation ionization technology through H-rich Alkaline water ionizers.

A water ionizer is an electric-powered appliance that works on the principle of electrolysis. The device first filters the water, then ionizes the water by passing it through charged electrodes. Alkaline water and acidic water are both produced at the same time by the water ionizer through two separate outlets. The antioxidant and mineral rich alkaline water has very good health benefits as evidenced by the scientific research. The acidic water can be used externally for bathing, face washing, cleaning kitchen, bathrooms etc.

H-rich water ionizers give the consistent quality of safe and healthy alkaline water with constant “pH & ORP”.

Our Commercial H-rich Alkaline Water Ionizer is a unique product; this product is used to convert the RO water to the healthy water with the properties of alkalinity, antioxidant nature, active Detoxification. The unique qualities of our product compared to the plate ionization water ionizers are as follows:

  • H-rich Alkaline Water Ionizer has a Fourth generation MLRD (Membrane Less Round Disk) technology ionization chamber which is advanced and superior than the conventional plate ionizers available in the market (Kangen, KYK, Tyent, Chanson, Life ionizer, Alkaviva, Samsung Vesta, Hydrojal etc.)
  •  H-rich Alkaline Water Ionizer MLRD technology chamber doesn’t have membranes so calcification issues in the ionization chamber as seen with plate ionizers.
    Produces 5 times more efficient Hydrogen gas or negative hydrogen ions than any plate ionizers, these hydrogen ions act as powerful antioxidants in the universe.

  • Can tolerate high TDS levels of water, so better suitable for an Indian atmosphere of variable TDS levels at different places. Plate Ionizers can’t tolerate High TDS levels of water.

  •  More germ killing nature as the Micro distance between the ionization surfaces conduct good electric current which will help in killing microbes.

  •  Useful for removing the oily pesticides and chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegetables.

  •  Saves Electrical bill as it is an 80 W power consumption machine compared to the 280 W power consumption plate ionizers, so less heating of ionization surfaces and more durability of the machine.

  •  Advanced SMPS system based operation compared to the older conventional transformer-based technology used by most plate ionizers.

  •  Advanced GAC Filter costs 7000 with a filtering capacity of 10,000 liters, most of plate ionizer filter costs 5000 to 7000 filters only 5000 to 6000 liters of water.


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