Uses traditional 3rd generation rectangular plates.

Uses patented 4th generation MLRD(Membrance Less Round Disk) technology.

The old transformer unit utilizes a 230w of power.

Utilizes 80W power with new SMPS power system.

Kangen is an 8 leveled MLM(Multi-level marketing) with no proper services.

H-RICH is a well established direct sale company and provides doorstep services.

Kangen filter cost is 7000 INR for 5000 liters of water.

H-RICH filter cost is 7000 INR for 10,000 liters

Chemicals are used for superoxide water in Kangen.

To get superoxide water, Common salt is used in H-RICH.

Less efficient hydrogen production.

Produces 15% - 20% more efficient hydrogen gas production than the plate ionizers.

Can't tolerate hot water.

It can tolerate hot water.

Poor LCD display.

Seven color LCD display.

Kangen comes with 3rd gen plates and price starts from 2,80,000 to 4,00,000 INR depending upon plates.

H-RICH 4th gen MLRD technology superior to Kangen comes at 1,67,000 INR.

Machine with water and technology are completely approved by European Union CE Certificate.

Medilight H-Rich alkaline water ionizer

Why drinking of Ionized alkaline water is so important?

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is a Marketing brand name for a kitchen appliance called an Alkaline water ionizer that works on a fundamental principle called “Water Electrolysis”. This brand is owned and manufactured by Enagic, Japan.

The greatest strength of the Kangen water machine is its Well created brand name, popularity, and person-to-person reach possible easily because of its successful proven business plan with its product. Kangen calls its selling system “Referral marketing”. Each person is paid some commissions when he refers this product to his family, friends, and social circle. This works fantastic if you have passion, a burning desire to succeed in the business plan, knowledge, training, and most important seriously dedicated full-time few years.

Other than its health benefits hype by its agents and popularity due to its business plan This Kangen water ionizer works and operates on the same principle on which the majority of other popular water ionizers from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc work. Hrich alkaline water ionizer will do electrolysis using same technology and healthy hrich ionized alkaline water will have same properties like alkaline, antioxidant, micro clustering and hydrogen rich properties etc. The over-stretched hyped health benefits claimed by kangen water dealers are always in one-to-one communication. They are not written, printed, or backed by their manufacturer on their website, prospectus, user manual, or any trustable open data

source. The manufacturer enagic always has been sticking to the right and clean legal practices with out false claims and backing only on its amazing technology. Some dealers or agents may be in lack knowledge or in greed for climbing up commission ladders and may make fake claims in the form of personal testimonies. Yes, No doubt we can blindly trust the technology, integrity, and manufacturing expertise of Enagic kangen, information shared on their official website. But always validate the claims given by individual Kangen water dealers before you take any decision in haste. Enagic officially never makes any financial benifit promise, prevention and cure of disease claims. If you come across any such claims be aware they are their dealers claims and not official enagic's claims.

The biggest disadvantage of purchasing any model like Enagic Kangen water leveluk jr4, Leveluk sd501 or the Kangen water machine Mighty k8 is you can purchase only by reference from an existing dealer. You can not buy the above products with out paying for Huge MLM commissions or Referral marketing commissions marked around 50% of their selling price.

If you are some one not interested in these reselling, referring businesses, or just want to get full value for your money for the Full health benefits of Ionized alkaline water then HRICH alkaline water ionizer is a good choice for you. It is an affordable, up-to-date, Certified, 4th Generation MLRD technology product, available with a team of good doorstep after-sales service and support in major cities of India. The brand name HRICH alone stands for Rich in precious and valuable activated Hydrogen which is all an ionizer about. H-Rich is Super rich in the concentration of activated hydrogen.

If you were interested in investing in an Enagic Kangen Water Machine Leveluk Sd501 with 7 plates paying Rs 2,78,000 and you are not interested in their referral marketing or the business plan, your target is only the better and excellent alkaline, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, micro clustering and hydrogen-rich properties of healthy ionized alkaline water then do not hesitate to call us now. The H-Rich alkaline water ionizer running on the 4th generation advanced MLRD disc technology is available only a limited time offer price of Rs 1,00,000 only now. Because quality, durability, price, after-sales service support weigh more than the fancy marketing brand name for value searching buyers.​

Our HRICH Alkaline water ionizer can save your wallet, offer better health benefits and decent ionization values. You can have perfect piece of mind tension free with door step after sales and service across major cities in india. Our HRICH Alkaline water ionizer can save your wallet, offer better health benefits and decent ionization values. You can have perfect piece of mind tension free with door step after sales and service across major cities in india.

We can explain about our HRICH alkaline water ionizer product, its technology, properties of the water, health benefits, maintenance cost, make origin, the experience of our manufacturer, our experience in handling service requests, etc. You can take a full informed decision about what you are buying.

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