After 6 months of extensive research, Dr. H-rich has come up with India’s first Commercial Water Ionizer for all the common people who are a bit optimistic about buying the H-rich water ionizer machine due to its cost factor. Join hands with us to transform your life for a better tomorrow. Now available in Guntur, Tenali, and Bengaluru.

Our Commercial H-RICH Alkaline Water Ionizer is a unique product, this product is used to convert the RO water to the healthy water with the properties of Alkalinity, Antioxidant nature, Active Detoxification. The unique qualities of our product compared to the plate ionization water ionizers are as follows:

  • H-RICH Alkaline Water Ionizer has a Fourth generation MLRD(Membrane Less Round Disk) technology ionization chamber which is far advanced and more superior than the conventional commercial plate ionizer machines.

  •  H-RICH Alkaline Water Ionizer MLRD technology chamber doesn’t have membranes, so no calcification issues in the ionization chamber as seen with plate ionizer machines.

  •  The alkalinity of the Dr.H Rich AAA water stayed for more than 5 months in our testing Plate ionizer

  • Technology machines alkalinity stayed for a day or two

  •  Produces 5times more efficient Hydrogen gas or negative hydrogen ions than any plate ionizers, these hydrogen ions act as powerful antioxidants in the universe.

  •  The small hexagonal molecular structure of Dr.H Rich AAA water is more efficient in the Active detoxification of our body cells compared to the conventional plate technology machines.

    •  Can tolerate high TDS levels of water, so better suitable for an Indian atmosphere of variable TDS levels at different places. Plate Ionizers can’t tolerate High TDS levels of water.

    •  Can tolerate hot water, plate ionizers can’t tolerate hot water.

    •  More germ killing nature as the Micro gap between the ionization surfaces conduct good electric current will help in killing microbes well.

    •  Advanced SMPS system based operation compared to the older conventional transformer-based technology used by most plate ionizers.

H-Rich Commercial Water Ionizer

World patented MLRD (Membrane Less Round Disc) High-Efficiency Electrolysis Module has the following features:

  •  Enables Weight Loss
  •   Stabilized blood sugar
  •   Reduced allergy symptoms and headaches
  •   Increases circulation & blood oxygen levels
  •   Increases energy with reduced stress
  •   Improves immune function – less frequent colds and flush
  •   Eases stomach aches & intestinal discomfort
  •   Aids digestion
  •   Aids in detoxification
  •   Improved arthritis – decreased joint pain
  •   Natural diuretic
  •   More youthful skin appearance
  •   Excellent hydration
  •   No bloating when drinking large quantities
  •   Improved mental clarity & a sense of wellbeing
  •   Pets refuse to drink anything but Hydrogen Water
  •   Best tasting water ever!


Medilight promotes Eco-Friendly environmental products for health maintenance and restoration for all living beings.


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