Pregnancy can be an exciting and scary time! From the moment the pregnancy test turns positive,  there comes a whole new set of emotions and questions, for example, what is and isn’t safe for your baby and you. It’s pretty common knowledge to avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and additives, but what about water that is acidic? Would you continue to drink it while pregnant?

Medical magazines are constantly talking about what pregnant women can and can’t consume. It’s common knowledge that shellfish and alcohol aren’t a fantastic idea for expectant mothers, but no one addresses whether alkaline water is safe or not. Most women probably don’t even know what alkaline water is, and probably haven’t tested the pH of their water lately, either.

Alkaline Water is Safe

No scientific evidence exists suggests that drinking water in the alkaline range is harmful. In places at which the water companies deliberately raise the pH amounts, there is no evidence to claim that the individuals who drink its wellness are affected in any way.

Potential Benefits

Alkaline water might help, beyond maybe not damaging you during pregnancy. Whenever you’re pregnant, your body will become acidic since the baby is going for lots of your alkaline elements and giving you back waste that is acidic.

Drinking alkaline water may help give you alkaline to balance an excessive amount of acidity that is coming from the baby’s acidic waste and your paid down alkaline and also to counteract what the child is taking In addition, the benefits of alkaline water are:-

  • Alkaline water is full of antioxidants, which can help to fight free radicals.
  • Alkaline water strengthens the immune system and the immune system of your growing baby.
  • Alkaline water has smaller molecular content and so is more easily absorbed by the body, thus boosting hydration for both mother and baby.
  • Alkaline water promotes the flushing of toxins and chemicals from the body.
  • Alkaline water can neutralize the acid, thus reducing acid reflux, which is a common side effect of pregnancy.

Hydration for Pregnant Women

It’s extremely important for an expecting mother to drink more water. As you want a reasonable quantity of water for you personally, you need extra for the baby’s own body, which is made up of mostly water like your own, and for the water-filled amniotic sac.

Plus, your body needs even more water than normal because your blood volume is greater. With alkaline ionized water, you get better hydration from the microclusters it’s made up of. On top of that, the alkaline water might help your nauseous, acidic stomach so you can hold on to your water better instead of losing some of it through morning sickness.


Is H-Rich Alkaline Water Safe To Drink During Pregnancy?

Yes, H-Rich alkaline water is a secure and healthful choice for their babies and expectant mothers. Water means it has a higher pH level, which helps improve general health and to resist acid build up in your system.





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