As you grow old staying hydrated becomes important for a longer life and for the wellbeing. Drinking water is important to stay hydrated today’s normal water had undergone so many procedures and has been treated with so many chemicals that it’s been rendered a lifeless and liquid. Chemically, it is H2O but many toxic things are added as well, among this good has been lost during the procedure and also, unfortunately. Alkaline, ionized water gives an alternative to you.

Deficiency of water is the number 1 trigger of daytime fatigue. The balance between our need for our thirst for water shifts as we get older. In fact, the less water an older person drinks, the less thirsty they become, leaving them open to the risk of serious dehydration and other complications.

Further, confusion over the difference between hunger and thirst intensifies over the years, making it all the more important to conscientiously drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day. One should consume at least one cup of water for every 20 pounds of body weight daily, that’s around 6-8 glasses for the average person.

Exercise and warm weather both call for additional water intake to replace fluids lost through excessive perspiration. So will need to enhance water intake! Higher fiber intake among seniors, which is suggested for older people to aid with gout as well as other health problems, additionally advances the need for water. It is important to be more knowledgeable concerning the medications your nearest and dearest are carrying. Many medications that are diuretics will need more fluids to be consumed daily to avoid dehydration.

The human body is at least 50% water, of which 2-3 quarts are lost on a daily basis. Even bones are over 20% water! Even a 2% drop in body water can trigger the fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math and reading, and difficulty staying focused. Besides arming what’s lost to hydrate tissues and the blood, water regulates temperature, also strengthens joints, also moistens the lungs to permit for breathing. Inadequate water intake over time prevents these processes from occurring, leading to arthritis, sore muscles, heavy breathing, and a higher body temperature. This means that not drinking enough water could result in acute effects throughout what should be the golden years, at an older age, which means issues that are preventable. In the body, water acts as a solvent, coolant, lubricant, and transport agent.Virtually nothing takes place in the body without water playing an essential function.  It is needed to regulate body temperature, carry nutrients, remove toxins and waste materials, and provide the medium in which all cellular chemical reactions take place.

Aging in an alkaline way!

It’s very simple: you have a choice of what you put in your body. If you fill it with the absolute best, most natural food and drink, you’re going to feel amazing and look amazing! If you decide to say “meh, it doesn’t really matter.” and put in whatever is available or whatever tastes good… you’re going to see first-hand that we are what we eat! So, as we grow older, it’s of essential importance to make sure we are investing in our bodies! Don’t create disease, create wellness with food and water that will provide INCREDIBLE boosts for your energy!

Elderly and still energetic!

If you’re in the later chapters of one’s own life and you find yourself struggling with energy that is lower that will well not of necessity have to be the situation. Overdue, it can change around! Try upgrading to alkaline water and determine exactly how you feel. The remarkable quantity of energy that you will feel as though your own body lets go of the acidic buildup it’s been holding and begins to reach its normal alkaline acidity degree… you need to feel it!


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