A water ionizer is an electric-powered appliance that works on the principle of electrolysis. The apparatus filters the water and then ionizes the water by passing it through charged electrodes .Alkaline water and acidic water are both produced at the same time by the water ionizer through two separate outlets. The antioxidant and mineral rich alkaline water has very good health benefits as evidenced by the scientific research. The acidic water can be used externally for bathing, face washing, cleaning kitchen, bathrooms etc.


Why do we wear a HELMET while driving a bike? Why do we wear a SEATBELT while driving a car?

The answer is simple “For Protection”, these are for individual protection. Similarly the water ionizer is required for the entire family protection from pollution.

When we compare a diseased person and a healthy person of same age staying in the same atmospheres in the same amount o f time, why one person is affected by disease and another one not affected by the disease?

The answer is the Pollution .This Pollution is of the following types

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Automobile smoke
  3. Industrial gases
  4. Water Pollution
  5. Water contamination by household drainage pipes
  6. Heavy metals like arsenic, chromium, lead etc.
  7. Excessive chlorination of water.
  8. Industrial water waste.
  9. Food Pollution
  10. Heavy usage of Pesticides & Fertilizers.
  11. Food Adulteration

Because of this pollution, our body is facing 3 types of stresses.

Acidic Stress

This stress is a result of the increased acid production in the stomach.  Even though our body has inherent acid base balance system that will remove excess acid through kidney by urine & through the lungs by CO2, the increased level of pollution exposure & the aging process of these organs can’t able to handle increase acid production properly. This contributes to our body tissues to strain on the body & causes damage.

Oxidative Stress

This stress is due to the chronic exposure to free radicals from the pollution. These free radicals are unstable molecules due to lack of a paired electrons in their outer orbit, so to become stable, they steal the electrons from our cells & cause damage to our cells & organs.

Toxin Stress

Because of contamination we are exposing to several toxins such as the carbon monoxide from industrial gases from car smoke, various pollutants.  From water contamination we are exposing to heavy metals and increased chlorine levels due to heavy chlorinated water. Food pollution from significant pesticide use causes chronic exposure to organ phosphorous compounds resulting in damage of our body tissues.

These 3 stresses play a role from the causation of the chronic diseases like Diabetes, High Blood higher Blood cholesterol pressure, Arthritis, Heart Attack stroke, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, kidney stones such as psoriasis, asthma, gastric acidity and horrible disease like cancer.

The answer for this contamination is that our “H Rich Alkaline Water Ionizer” it gives hydrogen rich alkaline, antioxidant mineral water. The acidic strain part of pollution will be taken care of by the hydrogen rich alkalinity and also the oxidative pressure will be taken care of the antioxidant character of H Wealthy water, and the poison stress will be taken care of from the detoxification process of the H Rich water Ionizer. Thus what we say is that our semi automatic Rich Water Ionizer is a healthful machine provides protection from pollution for the entire family.

Our H Rich Alkaline Water Ionizer is a very unique product when compared to the other water ionizers. The qualities of our product in comparison with the plate ionization water ionizers

  1. HRich Alkaline Water Ionizer has a Fourth generation MLRD (Membrane Less Round Disk) technology ionization chamber which is far advanced and mores upper or than the conventional plate ionizers(Kangen, KYK, Tyent, Chanson, Life ionizer, Alkaviva, Samsung Vesta, Hydrojal etc.)
  2. HRich Alkaline WaterIonizer MLRD technology chamber doesn’t have membranes. As noticed with plate ionizers so no calcification problems in the ionization chamber.
  3. Produces 5 times more efficient Hydrogen gas or negative hydrogenions than any plate ionizers, these hydrogen ions act as powerful antioxidants in the universe.
  4. Can tolerate high TDS levels of water, so better suitable for an Indian atmosphere of variable TDS levels at different places. Plate Ionizers can’t tolerate High TDS levels of water.
  5. Can Tolerate hot water, plate ionizers can not withstand water that is hot.
  6. More germ killing nature as the micro gap between the ionization surfaces conduct good electric current will help in killing microbes well.
  7. No artificial chemical added to produce strongest alkaline water or 11.5pH water, useful for removing the oily pesticides and chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegetables.
  8. Saves Electrical bill, because it’s an 80 W power consumption machine compared to 280 W power intake plate ionizersheating of ionization surfaces along with much more durability of the machine.
  9. Advanced SMPS system based operation compared to the traditional transformer based technology utilized by the majority of plate ionizers.
  10. Advanced GAC Filter prices 4000 with a filtering capacity of 10,000 liters, most of plate ionizer filters costs 5000 to 7000, filters only 5000 to 6000 liters of water.


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