Is,21:,DVD , 外国映画 , SF,Star,Trek,/cheerful779358.html,1736円,Tomorrow,[VHS],Yesterday, 1736円 Star Trek 21: Tomorrow Is Yesterday [VHS] DVD 外国映画 SF Star Trek 21: Tomorrow 全国どこでも送料無料 Is Yesterday VHS 1736円 Star Trek 21: Tomorrow Is Yesterday [VHS] DVD 外国映画 SF Is,21:,DVD , 外国映画 , SF,Star,Trek,/cheerful779358.html,1736円,Tomorrow,[VHS],Yesterday, Star Trek 21: Tomorrow 全国どこでも送料無料 Is Yesterday VHS

Star Trek 21: Tomorrow 全国どこでも送料無料 Is Yesterday 正規品 VHS

Star Trek 21: Tomorrow Is Yesterday [VHS]


Star Trek 21: Tomorrow Is Yesterday [VHS]



The delightful episode "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" is a time-travel story with an infectious blend of suspense and humor. After dropping into a black hole, the Enterprise ends up orbiting the Earth in the late 1960s and is spotted by U.S. Air Force captain Christopher (Roger Perry), who happens to be flying by in his jet. Inadvertently giving poor Christopher an unwanted glimpse into the future, and wrecking his jet with an overpowering tractor beam, Capt. Kirk (William Shatner), not having a good day, beams him aboard the Federation starship. The collision of sensibilities and reference points between characters born several centuries apart has a fresh, urgent tone that subsequent Star Trek series have never captured (though Deep Space Nine came close with its dazzling episode "Trials and Tribble-ations"). The problem, of course, is what to do about Christopher now that he knows what he knows, and history demands that he stay put in his own world: the pilot's unborn son, it seems, will one day make a space flight of historic importance. Terrifically entertaining and something of a precedent-setter for "i"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (the theatrical feature set in contemporary San Francisco), "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" is "i"Trek at its best. "i"--Tom Keogh

Star Trek 21: Tomorrow Is Yesterday [VHS]



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